Spine of the World

The Beginning of the End

First Session

Paladin Jonathan Harkwood and his Circle of Harkwood convince Archmage Topaz to help them plan and implement a surgical strike on the Island of Juniper and Archmage Gate. The Circle encounters no resistance, making Harkwood nervous. He commands the Circle to remain outside the Archmage’s tower, informing them that after an hour of no contact they are to return to the beachhead and inform Topaz of the failure of the mission. Instead the group marches into almost certain death to rescue the man they respect above all others.
They discover a swathe of destruction cutting its way through several levels of the tower. After avoiding a mostly disabled Wight, sidling past a well-laid trap, and glibly solving a stone face’s riddles, the group stumbles upon Gate ritualistically torturing Harkwood and gloating about his inevitable victory.
The group successfully distracts the Archmage long enough to allow the Harkwood one last act before his death. Using some unknown magic, he interrupts the ritual and informs the adventurers to return Oathforge to his liege, King Miller. The tower collapses in a fit of abortive magic, leaving only three survivors.


Chirp Chirp

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